Service agreement

Do not miss the agreement

Clarway Digital Agency can offer you an update of WordPress and plugins and control of the website. We will update everything about once a month and even you have support for email and server when needed. This service is suitable for you who want your website to be secure, fast and updated the same as the first day.

Service agreement - Basic package

SEK 449 / month

Our service agreement includes updating WordPress and Plugins when it comes to the website. We update everything about once a month. Then your website is safe and fast happiness much the same as the first day. A perfect service agreement for you who want to keep the website updated and secure.

Oh Yes!

Service agreement - Premium package


You get all the services that are in the Basic package plus Acute measures that include troubleshooting when the website is down, we fix the underlying problem with up to 3 hours at no extra cost. After 4 hours have passed, our variable hourly rate is paid, but with a discount of 15% against the regular price.

Good choice!

How long is the contract?

The agreement is valid for 1 year and the binding period is 1 year per service agreement. You can receive an invoice every month or pay at once for the whole year in an invoice.

How can you terminate your contract?

If you want to terminate your agreement, send a notice via email to us at

Why should you have a service agreement with Clarway?

Due to security and speed of the system, Word Press and all plugins are constantly updated. If you do not upgrade, you run a much greater risk that the website will be hacked and taken over by virus-like programs and the website will not come up as fast as the first day.

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