What should I think about before the first meeting?

Before you order a website, you should think about what colors, font and design you like. An easy way to do this is to go through other websites and web designers on the internet that you like and keep these in mind when you want to create your own website. If there is already an existing company logo, we can also use the same colors when we design your website. This gives the company and the website a unified feeling. This helps us understand what your vision looks like, then we tailor and create the website that you are looking for.

What is the goal of our business website?

What should our website do? It is important to know why you should have a website for the company and what you want it to accomplish. Think about the need for a simple website or website with more features.

How big is our budget?

How much can we afford for the website? Cost is always an element to consider whether one is looking for a cheap or professional website.

Choosing between WordPress or HTML5?

If you ask us which website system we recommend you, we answer, if you need a website where you can update all information, change texts and images, the answer is WordPress. But if you need to make any updates or none at all, HTML5.

About HTML5 and Laravel

When you order a website to be created in Html and Laravel, you get a unique and faster website, a better experience for customers. In this system, Everything is programmed from the ground up and it relies only on the code and not any plugins or third-party codes.

Joomla eller WordPress?

De är ett innehållshanteringssystem, ett verktyg som ni kan bygga en personlig webbplats, företag, butik eller vad ni vill, dessutom behöver du aldrig programmera för att lägga till en unik funktion på din webbplats, och du kan enkelt få dessa funktioner med ett plugin. Plugins uppdateras och förbättras dagligen av tusentals människor runt om i världen, vilket innebär att din webbplats kommer att följa de senaste funktionerna i världen. När ni väljer CMS-system så bör ni fundera på vad ni ska ha hemsidan för. Behöver ni en blogg eller nyhetshemsida, så är valet självklart WordPress men båda system har bra plugins och är användarvänligt.

Why should my company have a unique logo?

A logo is, in short, an image of your company, an image that the company stands for and that makes people in general easily recognize the company by seeing the logo. If you are to be able to compete with your competitors, we should be elegant and unique. Do not forget you only pay once for a logo but carry your business with you the logo as an arm all the time.

How many types of logo can you offer?

We can offer three types of logos. 1-Logo text-based 2- Logo with symbol 3 Logo with both symbol and text.

In order for the process of “buying a website” to go as quickly and easily as possible, you as a customer should prepare some pictures and text that you want to use on your website. Once we have received your order, you can send your material to info@clarway.com and we will start your project. If you have no material do not worry we can help you.

If you know nothing about the different systems can always ask us and our niche web developers.

Need advice?